Sponsor Information

Interested in Hosting an Event?   We're Looking for Sponsors!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is constantly looking for strong sponsor partnerships and event sponsors looking to host an event.  The Executive Committee works hand-in-hand with sponsors to custom tailor invite lists from the database to help selectively identify an audience the sponsor is trying to target or to gain market exposure.   Listed below are a few considerations for you as you evaluate whether you would be a good fit for sponsoring a future event or gathering:

  1. Sponsor and sponsor selected invitees must have the characteristics as individuals and/or the organizations they represent that adhere to the LXG Mission and Values

  2. Invitations are collaborative in nature, and any sponsor proposed invitees and contacts thereof are confidential and not to be used at future events unless the sponsor explicitly allows those contacts to be included in the LXG general database

  3. All prospective invitees are subject to approval of the Executive Committee of LXG

  4. Sponsoring an event requires that the Sponsor select an appropriate venue which tangibly demonstrates the qualities and values of LXG, coordinating venue or event support staff, catering, and providing a sophisticated yet realistic offering of beverages. 

  5. Sponsors are encouraged to provide informative content (brief presentation, speaker, brief Q&A, or physical collateral) at the event in a tasteful fashion while still being in compliance with the LXG’s Mission and Values

If you are interested in being a Sponsor, please contact Kevin Bogenreif at Kevin.Bogenreif@texascapitalbank.com